Friedrich Meschede and Kunsthalle Bielefeld


Distanz Verlag

Thomas Kiesewetter (b. Kassel, 1963; lives and works in Berlin) creates abstract and almost deconstructivist sculptures. He relies on industrial materials, primarily sheet metal, which he bends and folds with playful ease. Held together by screws and painted in luminous colors, the components together elicit reminiscences of the architectonic forms of modernism. The works suggest Kiesewetter’s productive engagement with the history of twentieth-century sculpture, but they are distinctly of their own kind and thoroughly contemporary. The human body, too, always looms in his art. This book puts the spotlight on the sculptor’s creative process; included are early paper and cardboard models and full-size mockups made of wood and other materials. The selection of sculptures, including several recent works, makes for a focused but representative sample from Thomas Kiesewetter’s extensive sculptural oeuvre.

With an essay by Friedrich Meschede.

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