Marcel Dzama
Drawing on a Revolution


Estrella De Diego


La Casa Encendida

Drawing on a Revolution is published on the occasion of Marcel Dzama's eponymous exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid. The exhibition proposes a tour of the artistic universe of Marcel Dzama while presenting for the first time much of his most recent production, in which the artist encourages activism through "revolution".

Through the Canadian artist's imagination, figures drawn from folk tales, the world of comics, and television coexist with twentieth-century terrorists, fictional animals, ballet dancers, and opera singers. The social and political questioning is therefore intertwined with a world of fables and complex narratives where carnival, war, mythological, and ironic make up an artistic vision that incites multiple readings.

About Marcel Dzama

Through his fascinating and immediately identifiable imagery, Dzama (*1974, Winnipeg) explores the wavering relationship between the real and the subconscious.

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