Hedda Schattanik & Roman Szczesny

Jan 22nd – Feb 27th, 2021
Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf

Copyright the artists; Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf

The images on show are produced in a complex and slow process of adding layer to layer, through different digital tools and algorithms. Digital drawings appear in virtual landscapes, working as light-sources of their own or become textured and haptic, by the means of not fully predictable algorithmic processing. It is a process of constant input-output and reworking, replacing and long pauses, spend waiting for the machine to do its work. Within the images, we meet different characters, Melankoholiker or Struwelpetra, P or Pevlov, an immense floating eye, supposedly belonging to one of the characters, some of which have appeared in previous works. Character- and narrative development is a loose but generative drive to the images and is a way of investigating unknown land or new visual worlds, through the perspective of a specific person. But often, the specific narratives and clearly circumscribed characters fall away; they have become a sort of DNA, that hovers in the background and guides what has now established itself as a world of it’s own.

About Hedda Schattanik & Roman Szczesny

Hedda Schattanik and Roman Szczesny transpose and expand through photography and video the immediate but cerebral quality of cinematic storytelling.

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