Hedda Roman

Hedda Roman, a Düsseldorf-based artist duo composed of Hedda Schattanik (b. 1992 in Westerstede) and Roman Szczesny(b. 1987 in Bensberg), is known for their intricate fusion of cinematographic elements, surreal animation, literature, drama, sculpture, photography, and drawing. Their work critically examines the increasing rise of reactionary essentialism, utilising uncanny tools and agents to challenge blind utilitarian approaches like the scaling laws in brute-force autoregressive AI. By incorporating generative AI as one of many materials, they question and appropriate these technologies to probe deeper into the constructs of identity and reality. Central to their practice is Oldboy, an avatar and latent space traveller, who navigates through digital and poetic realms, offering a nuanced exploration of origin and selfhood.

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