Andi Fischer
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4 Lithographs, hand-coloured with oil stick
each 76 x 56 cm / 30 x 22 inches

Each unique within a limited edition of 12 + 3 AP
Signed, numbered

Andi Fischer is best known for his monumental paintings where individual figures and animals appear solitary on white-primed canvases. But creating his first lithographic series allowed him a completely different creative outlet to his primary working method.

For the lithographs, Fischer drew the design directly onto a polished slab of limestone, which slowed his usual drawing process down. This allowed him to compose a much more dense and detailed composition. All four works tell different stories and show well-known figures and motifs from his paintings, like the iconic crocodile, the lion or the tiny houses.

Each lithograph is hand-coloured individually by the artist which makes every work a unique piece of art.

About Andi Fischer

Andi Fischer (*1987) is a Berlin-based artist who creates energetic paintings and drawings that simulate a child-like naiveté inspired by art history.

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