Hedda Roman x Galvan London
AW 2024 | Paris Fashion Week

A fleeting thought...

A collaboration between Galvan London and Hedda Roman

The Galvan Autumn Winter 2024 presentation titled A fleeting thought was developed in close exchange between Creative Director Anna-Christin Haas and the artist duo Hedda Roman.

Conceived as a timely exploration of the human need for constant transformation through self-reflection, and the growing ambivalence regarding what it means to be human in the context of future technologies, the oeuvre of Hedda Roman flows seamlessly into garments of malleable metallics, lightweight knits, and captivating dresses that move with liquidity.

Taking place at the La Cité gallery in Paris, fashion, generative technologies and the human body bridge a hopeful correlation between opposing forces. The presentation commenced with a dance directed by renowned choreographer Imre van Opstal, to the notes of composer and pianist, Joep Beving.

To experience the duality of life — between humanity and technology, delicacy and strength, the transformative process of galvanization is interpreted in the dancers' movements. As two individuals come together, the specially created videowork Sonder by Hedda Roman transcends the dancers into other-worldly materials, mirroring each movement of the live performance.

The work of Hedda Roman can be diffusing and ambiguous – it is questioning the human kind. It matched with a feeling of insecurity we all have in times of global uncertainty. But I also saw hope in what new technologies could do for us.

Anna-Christin Haas, Creative Director | Galvan London

The duplicate’s eyes gently ignited a kinship with the other side, and a fleeting thought lingered between us: I could be.

– Oldboy, quote from video excerpt by Hedda Roman

References to Hedda Roman's work The longest possible game 17 are woven throughout the collection, with a standout show piece transposing the artwork into an engineered mesh dress, sculpted onto the body with silicone detailing.

A further fundamental thread within the collection is found in the burnished gold buttons and earrings, all carrying the watchful eye—a reference to the Roman coin that manifests in various works by Hedda Roman.

Latex digital print, DILITE 4mm, with fabric artist frame
166,7 x 250 cm
210 x 340 cm (framed)
Edition of 3 + 2 AP
Copyright the artists; Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf; Photo Tino Kukulies, Düsseldorf

Garten, as one example, presents an allegorical, ethereal scene set in a presumed familiar ecosystem of a botanical garden—yet move in closer and the ground gives way to the skies and the seas, glimpses of atmosphere turn to oceanic waves as ambiguous worlds coalesce together. Mammel-esque figures emerge among luscious leafery, themselves metamorphosing into surreal beings–all the while, curious eyes are a-watching.

A Roman coin is suspended in the foreground, balancing on the edge of an apparent body of water—upon closer inspection the cosmos arises from its depths. As if captured momentarily in mid-toss, the coin simultaneously stands as a symbolic portal into the unknown, much like the act of the toss itself: one cannot foresee the random outcome, but, with attention, the act may reveal personal preferences in your choice.

Those quandering eyes thus become ambivalent witnesses—into which world are you entering, are you choosing heads, or tails? And to which avail?

This boundary-transcending collaboration between Galvan London's Anna-Christin Haas and Hedda Roman marks the artist duos inaugural foray into the realms of fashion. Know for their intricate, interdisciplinary artistic approach, Hedda Roman fuse cinematographic elements, surreal animation, literature, drama, sculpture, photography, and drawing with generative AI to critically examine the increasing rise of reactionary essentialism.

By incorporating generative AI as one of many materials, they question and appropriate these technologies to probe deeper into the constructs of identity and reality. Central to their practice is Oldboy, an avatar and latent space traveller, who navigates through digital and poetic realms, offering a nuanced exploration of origin and selfhood.

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Stylist: Helena Tejedor
Casting: Simone Schofer
Make up: Manu Kopp
Hair: Joseph Pujalte
Nails: Marie Rosa
Skincare: Gezeiten
Choreographer: Imre van Opstal
Dancers: Emilie Leriche, Boston Gallacher
Videowork: Hedda Roman
Choreography music:
‘Sonderling’ by Joep Beving
Show music:
Nora Medín and Rafael Rikou / Next of Din
Creative supervision, music: Charles Bals
Production: OBO Global

All images of the A fleeting thought collection © Galvan London; Hedda Roman, 2024. Courtesy the artists; Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf.

All artworks © the artists. Courtesy the artists; Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf.

Unless otherwise stated, all photography by Social Rise.

About Hedda Roman

Hedda Roman fuse diverse artistic realms—from literature, cinematography, drawing and beyond—with AI to examine the rise of reactionary essentialism.

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