Claudia Wieser in Jardin des Tuileries
La Cinquième Saison by Paris+ par Art Basel

Claudia Wieser’s 'But round my chair the children run, 2023', is part of 'La Cinquième Saison' (Engl.: The Fifth Season) by Paris+ par Art Basel, a group exhibition at Jardin des Tuileries produced in collaboration with the Musée du Louvre and curated by Annabelle Ténèze. Claudia Wieser’s practice often draws inspiration from architecture, history, and the sites of its presentation, exploring the intersection of art and design. This is no different with But round my chair the children run, 2023, a new piece specially created for the exhibition at Jardin des Tuileries, the former district of tile factories that occupied the area in the Middle Ages. The sculpture’s minimal and geometric form, yet imposing presence, coupled with its blank and partly polished materiality, presents an intriguing juxtaposition against the opulent backdrop of the garden and surrounding Palais.

Video produced by von Bartha
Camera: Claudio Vogt
Editing: Hester Koper
Music: #Uppbeat License code: DJZKG4GZQADSENR2)

About Claudia Wieser

Claudia Wieser is a Berlin-based artist who creates drawings, sculptures, wall installations and tapestries based on the principle of geometric abstraction.

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