Julian Charrière + Julius von Bismarck
Objects in Mirror might be closer than they Appear


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Julian Charrière & Julius von Bismarck: Objects in Mirror might be closer than they Appear is an artist book published on the occasion of the exhibition of same title at Villa Bernasconi in 2016. Objects in Mirror Might Be Closer Than They Appear is a collaboration between Julian Charrière and Julius von Bismarck. This project was shot in the Exclusion Zone, an area stretching 30 kilometers in all directions centered on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant whose explosion in 1986 rendered the land uninhabitable.

The series is an excursion into the “involuntary park” which this region has become––a glimpse into a non-human space overrun by wildlife and forest as seen through the perspective of a living deer made possible by mounting a camera onto a deer's antlers and directed towards its eye. What is then seen is the reflection of the landscape onto the animal’s retina: a mixture of an invisibly decaying but thriving natural ecosystem and the ruins left by the humans that once dominated this space, rejected infrastructures of a forgotten nuclear past.

This artists' book contains an essay of Violeta Burckhardt.


  • Julian Charrière + Julius von Bismarck

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