Gerhard Richter


Dieter Schwarz


Kim-Kristin Neuhaus and Hanne Tonger-Erk


Sies + Höke

€ 45

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Gerhard Richter | Photographs is dedicated to the artist’s photographic work. While Richter’s practice is intricately connected to the medium of photography, pure photographs have seldom been part of his work. Several unique images and rare photographic editions brought together, encompassing early self-portraits, portrait series, landscapes, experimental abstractions, and reproductions of Richter’s own paintings. Schwarz explains, “The photographs presented are the exception rather than the rule. They often reside in the proximity of another medium that Richter chose to produce images.”

Spanning from 1965 to 2021, Gerhard Richter | Photographs explores how the artist has continued to navigate the pictorial potential of a photograph over the decades of his practice.

The catalogue is published on the occasion of
Gerhard Richter | Photographs
Jan 18th – Feb 17th, 2024
Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf


  • Gerhard Richter

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