Hedda Roman

Note to the viewer

by Anna R. Winder

For the past three years, I have lived with Pevlov. He is permanently seated on a see-through plastic chair in an orange carpeted room within a large scale image, next to my dining table. Pevlov or P. is something of a shapeshifter. In Hedda and Roman’s current exhibition „loom“ he appears on a small poster hanging on the fridge in the large image “Melankoholiker”. Below you find a letter from Pevlov addressed to the Melankoholiker, a rather desperate looking large and muscular nude female figure, whom we encounter in a room, that vibrates with life, but also seems to encapsulate all this life in a frozen abysmal space.

We meet different characters, Melankoholiker or Struwwelpetra, P. or Pevlov, an immense floating eye, supposedly belonging to one of the characters, some of which have appeared in previous works. Character- and narrative development is a loose but generative drive to the images and is a way of investigating unknown land or new visual worlds, through the perspective of a specific person. But often, the specific narratives and circumscribed characters fall away; they have become a DNA, that hovers in the background and guides what has now established itself as a world of its own.

The images on show are produced in a complex and slow process of adding layer to layer, through different digital tools and algorithms. Digital drawings appear in virtual landscapes, working as light-sources of their own or become textured and haptic, by the means of not fully predictable algorithmic processing. It is a process of constant input-output, reworking, and replacing.

Computer-generated image on inkjet print; framed
160 x 213 cm
Edition of 3 + 2 AP