Stefan Brüggemann

Jan 16th – Feb 21st, 2009
Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf

For his first show at Sies + Höke the London based artist Stefan Brüggemann will show a new body of work (paintings, installation and text pieces) reflecting upon the status, the value and the destination of the works of art as parts of a network of material and immaterial economies. “Conceptual Decoration”, a site-specific installation, consists of a wallpaper with conceptual text decoration repeated endlessly. The piece develops a verbal game between meaning and representation and puts the visual and the mental in existential crisis.

Brüggemann’s work combines a conceptual practice with a rough and critical attitude that questions its inner activity at the same time as it reflects on our sociological context. Even if the artist mainly works with text, using vinyl and neon tubes as its supports, he explores a wide range of media, creating big installation pieces, videos, paintings and drawings.

Brüggemann’s works define their essence in an odd combination between philosophical concepts (mainly grounded on post-structuralism and deconstructionism) and popular imagery, often inspired by punk ideologies and attitudes (anti-conformism, provocativeness and an cynicism) and are often expressed through twisted tautological premises, not only within themselves but also in relation to the sociological and spacial context in which they are conceived and inserted. Brüggemann’s main strategy is to insert a certain pop sensibility into conceptual practice.

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