Adrian Buschmann, Mia Marfurt, Henning Strassburger, Tyra Tingleff

Featuring Henning Strassburger

Apr 23rd — Jun 6th, 2015
Studiolo, Milan

1 - Adrian Buschmann Mia Marfurt Henning Strassburger Tyra Tingleff Installation View 2015 - Courtesy Studiolo Milan Photo Filippo Armellin



Curated by

  • Maria Chiara Valacchi
  • Antonio Di Mino

Featured Artists

The artists’ language lies in the eternal balance between the real image and the evocative one, a complete awareness joining the Adrian Bushmann, Henning Strassburger e Tyra Tingleff painting composition and de-composition of the figure which finds its structure in Mia Marfurt’s emotional and semiotic sculpture. As to Ferdinand de Saussure, the sign is the union of significance and significant and the attitude of these four artists is the same: the creation of spontaneous, even if cultured and balanced, compositions of symbols and real life by the action of painting; a provoking and conscious way to judge the world from the outside. A continuous, up-to-date and joyful challenge which exiles the artists in their solitary and inner search.

Four young anarchists of the contemporary image who reassert the importance of imposing a personal dictionary of signs, a process which, from the common thesis of “refusing” the image ends up spontaneously in four indipendent and clear artistic aptitudes.


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