Jonathan Meese & Conny Maier
HÄNSEL UND GRETEL (Let me in Ruh’)

Jun 6th – Sep 4th, 2022
Kunstverein Aurich, Aurich

In a duo exhibition, Conny Maier and Jonathan Meese will deliberately enter into a dialogue with their works. The fascination of the two artists for each other's work is the starting point of the project, for which both will develop new works in close exchange. The artists, with their very autonomous signatures, will express their interest in similar issues and artistic approaches, collaborating directly in the studio and also contributing independent attitudes to the project. The common theme of the exhibition will be developed through active and intense collaboration

The exhibition will take place during the Ostfriesland Biennale at the Kunstverein Aurich. A project by OFFICE IMPART, in cooperation with Kunsthalle Emden.

About Jonathan Meese

In his paintings, sculptures, and performances Jonathan Meese explores such themes as revolution, the failures of ideology, and the role and power of art.

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