Mar 8th—Apr 21st, 2013
Kunsthaus Dresden

a Morgen-Letzter-Tag Philipp-Orschler-Ladislav-Zajac 2013


Barricaded windows

Installation view Kunsthaus Dresden
Courtesy Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf
Photographer Phillip Orschler & Ladislav Zajac


Kunsthaus Dresden

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An image given to us by life, calls forth different feelings", Marcel Proust writes. "What we call reality, is an interplay between sensations and memories." Putting this at their centre, FORT creates an atmospheric density, which emphasises the absurd potential of everyday life. According to the artists, what connects them is their "love for film, for the uncanny, (...) for repetition and the interventions of chance."

Morgen Letzter Tag at Kunsthaus Dresden is the first institutional solo exhibition of the artist collective FORT. Correspondent to the exhibition title (in English Last Day Tomorrow) Kunsthaus Dresden presents itself with a barricaded facade. Only one window on the ground floor allows the viewer a glance inside the building, giving view to a scenario that stages the motto of the exhibition. The barred windows and darkened rooms on the upper floor create a twilight-zone. A jukebox may play Bob Lind's One-Hit-Wonder "Cool Summer". In the adjacent room the visitor finds himself on the bottom of Deep End, a swimming pool that reminds of a vacation resort at the end of season. After overcoming the wall of the pool the viewer encounters WRONG PREY, a garden hose that has swallowed a ball. The video installation THE SHINING shows a club scene with children dancing to techno music. Sound and image are slowed down, laying bare the interplay between innocence and imitated pose. The mood fluctuates between energetic lightness and intimidating expectation, an ambiguity that is also picked up in the title of the piece. On the one hand, "shining" describes a light phenomenon, on the other hand it refers to a cult movie by Stanley Kubrick, which carries the same name. This eclectic mixture not only connects the presented works by FORT, but also composes the aesthetic experience of the entire exhibition.

Petra Reichensberger

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