Florian Slotawa
Regionale Ordnung

Sep 23rd – Oct 29th, 2017
Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim

In his exhibition at Kunstverein Rosenheim, Florian Slotawa shows three groups of works that fully correspond with his long-time and consistent artistic practice: the artist always works with already existing objects - objects originating from the museum, the industrial or the private. He combines them to temporary sculptural entities/installations or uses them to develop photographic works. The resulting works always refer to the specific exhibition space.

The exhibition in Rosenheim includes three groups of works: In the fourteen-part work „Rosenheimer Schätze“ (Rosenheimer treasures), selected exhibits of the Städtische Museum Rosenheim were staged and photographed in the museum director’s private apartment.

For the sculptural group of works „Rosenheimer Sockel“ (Plinths of Rosenheim), the artist selected sculptures from the collections of the Städtische Galerie Rosenheim, the Städtische Museum and the Kunstsammlung des Landkreises Rosenheim as well as works of the Rosenheim sculptor Rolf Märkl. For these works of art, Slotawa built plinths of everyday objects that were provided by regional companies. Each plinth refers with its design, colour and material to the sculpture placed upon it. By Slotawa’s „regional order“ nine exciting sculptural entities emerged, all with their very own aesthetic and formal quality, that offer and also demand a new perception of the regionally known sculptural works.

The video work „Museums-Sprints“ rounds off the exhibition. The work is a critical examination of the perception of art. In the video, the artist, dressed as a top athlete, sprints through nine well-known German museums, measuring his performance/perception of art with a stopwatch.

About Florian Slotawa

Florian Slotawa is a Berlin-based artist who frequently rearranges and recontextualises existing objects.

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