Film screening: INCOMPLT

Nov 21st, 2016
Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris

Copyright Etienne Chambaud
Copyright Etienne Chambaud

Where multiple butterflies and ice sculptures coexist in a mountain forest
A film by Etienne Chambaud with the music of Kit Vaughan Soden


Duration: approx. 1h

in a mountain forest of central Mexico, which in the past was a sacred forest and today is a natural park, millions of monarch butterflies gather each winter after having migrated over thousands of kilometers. At its edge, ice symbols are piled up - a multitude of translucent bars and circles, which gradually melt, break or amalgamate. INCOMPLT documents the coexistence of this unique natural phenomenon and this indecipherable code. The film soundtrack combines natural recorded sounds with their transcription in an instrumental orchestration that was composed by Kit Vaughan Soden with the help of a sound spectrum analysis software. INCOMPLT describes a multistable world that combines natural phenomena, decors, modes and conditions of conservation, representation and exhibition.

Etienne Chambaud is an artist based in Milan and Paris. His film INCOMPLT is part of an ongoing project entitled La Nuit sauve (“The Untamed Night”), an experimental documentary about nature itself, the negative or nocturnal space interlaced by the categories of the Human, the Non-Human and the Inhuman.