Daniel Gustav Cramer
Seven Works

Nov 15th, 2013 – Jan 1st, 2014
Christophe Daviet-Thery, Paris

Photo Rebecca Fanuele
Photo Rebecca Fanuele
Photo Rebecca Fanuele
2 C-Prints
each 25 x 20,5 cm
each 29 x 23,7 x 2,2 cm framed
Edition of 5 + 2 AP
Photo Rebecca Fanuele

Photographs, sculptures and text works appear as fragments of a composition of the exhibition’s narrative form, creating a space/time-frame pending between fixedness and fluidity.

The obvious beauty of the images and their poetic dimension, like that of the texts, is evident but we should not reduce Daniel Gustav Cramer ‘s work just to this poetic dimension; we must reinstate its conceptual dimension,accentuated by the use of primary forms and almost abstract imagery.

Over and above what there is to see and read, is an issue of representation and its diversity being raised here, like an experience in looking and perceiving.

If the etymology of the word “representation” describes “the action of re-placing before someone’s eyes”, which tends to give representation a restrictive definition, Daniel Gustav Cramer’s work strives, on the contrary, to confront and question its different forms.

About Daniel Gustav Cramer

Daniel Gustav Cramerʼs (*1975) exhibitions often consist of an installation of individual elements that together unfold as one single body.


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