Feb 6th – Apr 15th, 2017
ITALIC, Berlin

Lukas Heerich‘s work deals with the subject of visibility and invisibility in different media using surfaces, overlays and stratifications.

With Creepers he devotes himself to the camouflage pattern. Closely associated with the methods of modern warfare, it was first tested in field combat during the First World War. Since the late 1960s, however, Camouflage has also become increasingly present in the civilian sphere: sometimes as a sign of pacifist protest, or as a conscious public provocation. Later, in many variations, it became part of fashion.

Heerich dissects and processes selected camouflage patterns and then precisely stencils them onto the carefully prepared canvas. Selected shapes and colors combine subtly varied elements from different historical and geopolitical contexts. The individual components of the patterns thus lose their clear recognition value and identities seem to dissolve in the process.