Concrete Spiritual
Group show curated by Ajay Kurian

Jun 25th – Aug 13th, 2022
Morán Morán, Los Angeles

Copyright Morán Morán, Los Angeles

The invention, reinvention, and discovery of Gods or the Divine are not just matters of linguistic and cultural shifts, they are tantamount to changing our experience of the divine, and thus, the space of the divine. Each relation made with the infinite is another path towards it, carving reciprocal paths between the seen and unseen. The ineffable will always be out of reach, but the space we make to connect with it is precisely the invention of the Gods we are prepared to understand. And with every further development, we create different vistas to the ever receding horizon line of absolute understanding.

Gathered here are artists that begin by taking the world as it is, caring for it both in its beauty and its violence. They make works that transcend their parts, and illuminate that inheritance and history are inevitable and important to honor, but are never ultimately defining. We are the stuff of the world – all of it – and yet from it will come endless invention.

One’s devotion to creation is the highest form of prayer. Each of these artists are devoted to their own forms of creation, making this exhibition akin to a chapel, housing all forms of faith to the ineffable. The artists assembled are deeply invested in the world, in the rubble and glory of it all. They’re wrestling with what is here and what is over the horizon; what the stuff of our lives and our histories dictate, as well as ways to short circuit this arithmetic. Here is an object hymnal of our time that offers pathways to our many Gods. Altogether, it is a proposal to continue developing our sense of spirit in order to find our way to the forms of transcendence that these prayers open up. We will continue to reform the sacred as we deepen our relationship to it, or as we squander it.

– Ajay Kurian, June 2022


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