Art Basel Hong Kong
Booth 1B09

May 27th – 29th, 2022
Hong Kong

In cooperation with Meyer Riegger, the joint presentation at this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 will show six contemporary painters. Despite their differences in origin, background and age these artist share the common interest of exploring historical, social and political developments and expressing their awareness throughout their oeuvre. The idea is to relate four figurative positions - two female and two male, each from different generations - plus one abstract one to give a diverse and profound impression about the important questions and issues in the present. Our booth installation will include distinguished works by Miriam Cahn, Sophie von Hellermann, Andi Fischer, Jonathan Meese, Peppi Bottrop as well as Sigmar Polke that will be carefully selected to create an interesting dialogue. By showing these particular positions and how they reflect on socially critical topics the presentation combines opposing views of our current world that opens up to a critical debate about the recent status of today’s society.



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