Andi Fischer

Mar 26th – Apr 26th, 2024
yee society, Hong Kong

In his unmistakably dynamic visual language, Andi Fischer takes up the great subjects of European art history. Time and again, man and animal meet, sometimes to hunt and sometimes to fight. Lions, crocodiles, eagles or snakes, knights and kings emancipate themselves playfully yet resolutely from their classical contexts and predetermined destinies. The artist draws inspiration from medieval creatures and biblical events as well as Greek mythology and Baroque history painting. Characteristic of Andi Fischer's contemporary translation is the open outcome of the events shown. Everything is possible, nothing is sealed. There are always at least two opposing interpretations: the potential for great chaos or peaceful coexistence.

This potential is also evident in the new works that the artist has created specifically for the auwee exhibition at yee society. For example, in the INFERNO 1-4 series, which refers to the Apocalypse in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. A mosaic of light and dark blue colour surfaces merge to form an abstract landscape of waves, the edges of which are lined with rocky islands, houses and green plants. There are scattered rain and storm clouds in the sky, but the sun is still shining. It seems that we have not yet reached the end. The foreground of the four-part series is dominated by the angry sea and the creatures floating in it. A golden creature, wandering across two paintings, breathes fire. Two others follow the apocalyptic events. Are they witnesses to the alleged end of the world or its starting point?

To coincide with the new lunar year, the artist has taken on a new mythical creature for his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong: the dragon. In contrast to its European relative, which must invariably be defeated or impaled, the dragon has been symbolising good fortune and strength in Southeast Asia since the Han dynasty. As in Chinese mythology, Andi Fischer's dragon is made up of various animals. On closer observation, viewers can recognise typical figures from Fischer's repertoire, such as the crocodile, the lion, or the tiger, in pictures such as gween D. fire da, G.D beis or PORTRAIT OF A GESCHÖPF. Both Andi Fischer's approach to the subject and its final realisation can be traced in the works on paper which are also on display. Here we find the preliminary stages of his painterly exploration, which would be inconceivable without the distinct trajectory of the preceding drawing.

Text: Lena Kasten

About Andi Fischer

Andi Fischer (*1987) is a Berlin-based artist who creates energetic paintings and drawings that simulate a child-like naiveté inspired by art history.

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