Jonathan Meese


Swantje Grundler


Swantje Grundler and Thomas Mayfried



More than 20 years after its creation, Jonathan Meese's "Episodic Novel on the Rocks" is available in bookshops for the first time. This edition is a scaled-down facsimile of the artist’s own 556-page version dating from 1996, and is based on one of ten original copies. The artist compiled photocopies in a binder, using predominantly German (but also a number of English) texts, most of which were in the form of typescripts. These texts were meticulously hand-typed by Brigitte Meese, the artist's mother. Also included are photographs by Stefan Thater showing Meese in his early installations. Meese sent draft copies of the book to prestigious German-language publishers. After consistently negative replies, he decided to instead turn this draft copy into an object. The back of this original reads "1789 d'END": Meese planned to revolutionize the genre of the literary novel, and created an artist's book. Now, the editors have embraced the artist's original idea and turned the book into a paperback. They and the author, "JONATHANERO...Z....MEESE", suggest: flip through and read aloud!

About Jonathan Meese

In his paintings, sculptures, and performances Jonathan Meese explores such themes as revolution, the failures of ideology, and the role and power of art.

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