Björn Dahlem
The End of It All


Hilke Wagner


Kunstverein Braunschweig and Hilke Wagner


Verlag Kettler

With his seemingly weightless and fragile constructions, Björn Dahlem tackles the big questions of philosophy, metaphysics and theology.

Dahlem does not want to explain the world with his sculptures. His shapes constructed from everyday found objects, from mundane and quaint articles give no consideration to accuracy or scientific modes of representation. They are admittedly inspired by theories and models of cosmology, astronomy, particle physics and quantum mechanics, but they playfully mix these with elements of science fiction and alchemy.

Dahlem's art is not meant to explain, it raises questions, seeks to understand, is disturbing and at the same time fascinating. The voluminous catalogue is the first detailed monograph on the artist, who has been represented at numerous international group exhibitions in recent years.

About Björn Dahlem

Björn Dahlem makes sculptures out of simple materials based on astronomical phenomena, creating poetic images of cosmic landscapes.

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