Julius von Bismarck
Talking to Thunder (Bright Tree)

Fine Art Print on Photo Rag Baryta
218 x 150 cm
225 x 153 cm (framed)
Edition of 3 + 2 AP

The electric current between the ground and the sky can be measured. If it is particularly high, an electrical discharge can be provoked by building a bridge, for example in the shape of a Kevlar-spun copper thread, which is shot into the sky by a small rocket. In a fishing village in the middle of the Venezuelan jungle, and after long experiments, von Bismarck succeeded in capturing several lightning bolts. With a time lapse camera, he has filmed dramatic thunderstorms: lightning perforates the sky, plants sway heavily in the storm, gushes of rain whip the surface of a lake. These recordings, which are silent because of the nature of slow motion, have been set to sound with the artist’s own imitated noises. The resulting video can be seen on the third floor.

In a group of photographs von Bismarck additionally shows the lightning striking palm trees, tropical plants and a lake. The lightning bolt itself becomes a sculptural object, almost tangible.

About Julius von Bismarck

In his works Julius von Bismarck explores people’s ability to perceive, and he uses the laws of physics to challenge the way we are used to seeing things.

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