Daniel Gustav Cramer
Tales (Itadori River, Seki, Gifu-ken, Japan, July 2019)

21 framed c-prints in 6 groups
27,5 x 22,5 cm (each framed)
Edition of 5 + 2 AP

Tales is an ongoing series of photographic observations. Each work focusses on a person or a trace of a person in an environment. In the grouped photographs, the gaps between the images are as important as the images itself, depicting both the landscape of a place and a fragment of time passing. Tales were taken in Cyprus, California, Romania, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Australia or New Zealand, yet each scene seems to catch something quite similar – an inner monologue of someone, somewhere, engulfed in a moment, and connected to what surrounds him or her. The presented work is activated, when at least one of the groups is installed.

About Daniel Gustav Cramer

Daniel Gustav Cramerʼs (*1975) exhibitions often consist of an installation of individual elements that together unfold as one single body.

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