The artist circles the thick trunk of an oak tree with a pocketknife in his hand. As he meditatively and intently circles the tree, he scores a ring-like incision into its bark. The artist continues his walk around the tree for hours, treading a clear path on the forest ground. His gaze remains fixed on the tree trunk as he gradually cuts deeper and deeper into the trunk. The tree is cut away by the knife growth ring by growth ring, making visible the markings made by climate and time. The ceaseless motion of the artist and his knife go deeper and deeper. Worn away to a precariously thin substance, the tree finally falls. In the exhibition setting, the filmed docu- mentation is timed so that the toppling of the tree at the end of the day coincides with the last few minutes of the openings hours.

About Julius von Bismarck

In his works Julius von Bismarck explores people’s ability to perceive, and he uses the laws of physics to challenge the way we are used to seeing things.

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