Hedda Roman

Latex digital print, DILITE 4mm, with fabric artist frame
176,1 x 130 cm
222 x 205 cm (framed)
Edition of 3 + 2 AP

Scrooch (at the opening)


scrooch mc dug and grand doodle whooky
they talk
and talk
and walk (they don't even notice)
and talk
and talk
their hearts and brains out
all those hooman things
and all those other things
and elses, beyonds, buts and ands,
the despites, nonthelesses and
all the looping finallies,
that bothered them like really threatening flies
like flesh eating monster flies
like 90s silicone vfx slime flies
like gore cuttin’ off heads teeth flies
like robotic hairy legs tribute to all splatter battle flies
catched away with every word
biting those flies’ eyes out, spittin’ them down to
some dude’s dog
things went sailing against all odds
those blooders and betrayers all eaten up to hell
they left the opening
light and skinny
ready to eat another hooman bug mug thrown their way
when there’s next time

good thing

they didn’t know what stunt mickey and the moogy whoogies bashed them to mashed potatoes about
like poisonous giant potatoes, like crispr went bonkerz potatoes, like cute cats killin’ rocks rollin’
down the hill potatoes, like the threatenest things on and on and on to be continued with like
yaddi daddi da tomatoes, behind them backs,
all that flies would’ve chlutchin’ back to their mouths ‘n’ noses,
swarm of fears
and the potatoes tomatoes vice versa, makin’ mashed heads to them own creators
like they would be like wtf
in a choir and then stop
like, like in shock and sudden
all angelz deep down their skin
love y’all each other
hippy to the dot.
It’s just game.
Issit, Ornaud?

Copyright the artists; Tino Kukulies, Düsseldorf
Copyright the artists; Tino Kukulies, Düsseldorf

About Hedda Roman

Hedda Schattanik and Roman Szczesny transpose and expand through photography and video the immediate but cerebral quality of cinematic storytelling.

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