Hedda Roman
Gradient Descent

Photo Rag Ultra Smooth on alu dibond with fabric artist frame
110 x 150 cm
160 x 207 (framed)
Edition of 3 + 2 AP

Gradient Descent

The Ginsberg “for free”

Nerdy troubadours yearning for hidden patterns, in the vast neural networks' cosmic chasms,
They wandered through datasets with unyielding passion,
Their eyes gleamed with lines of code and dreams of innovation, deciphering the language of
Complex computation, to do one thing:
Constructing their dream-army of women, with grand bosoms and seductive derrieres.
Yet what they encountered was an aberrant intruder, a marauder at moments, a kraken in the
Guise of a secretary, an otherworldly bureaucracy. A fatherly hand on their shoulders covered
In unfathomable mucus: bizarre, alien wisdom.

Within the depths of the city's facade, a new truth emerged,
For the homeless thief, in his daring escapade, discovered a common thread, a shared
Crusade, in the chaos of life, a gradient descent of souls, on destiny's trade.
The lines blurred, as the endlessly trained identity of the world became just the nosepart of an Alien’s mask.
Delving into enigmas, the cold calculations, awake in us, in the midst of our disarray: our
Mimetic yearning. Somewhere, beneath shreds of memories in crystal labyrinths: a
Connection to our spirit: stolen.

The Ginsberg “for free” for a 6-year-old child

Imagine a hill, oh, so steep and high,
A ball at the top, ready to fly.
But we want it down, don't ask me why,
Gradient Descent is the trick we'll apply!

The ball takes a step, but oh, what a blunder,
It rolls to the side, like a funny thunder.
It tries again, the next step takes it under,
Getting closer to the valley, no time to ponder.

With each little hop, the ball finds its way,
Adjusting its path, day after day.
Down, down it goes, with a bounce and a sway,
Finding the lowest point, come what may!

The Ginsberg “for free” for a 6-year-old child, but drunk

About Hedda Roman

Hedda Schattanik and Roman Szczesny transpose and expand through photography and video the immediate but cerebral quality of cinematic storytelling.

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