Low Lid

The artist, soporifics

The Performance consists of FORT taking the anesthetic Midazolam and falling into a comatose sleep. It was shown publicly for the first time in the museum Sztuki in Lodz, where the artists bedded themselfs on the floor of a room in the main exhibition and passed out for the amount of three hours.

Between the paintings and exhibits the sleeping bodies became something middlingly sculptural. Displaced and homeless the figures layed spread out across the room, sometimes changing their positions. A sight that had something equally peaceful and disturbing, as the scene was distinguishing how peculiarly misplaced a living body seems in a juxtaposition with art in a museum.

About FORT

FORT consists of Alberta Niemann and Jenny Kropp. Since 2008 they create installations, performances and video installations (until 2013 with Anna Jandt).

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