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Xie Lei

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Xie Lei (b. 1983) is a contemporary painter of personal conviction, channeling painting as a pathfinder towards a language capable of expressing his sensory universe. Approaching painting as a field of experimentation, Xie delves into the specificity of this medium in a contemporary world—discreet evocations from literary and cinematographic realms meld with a profound crucible of personal emotions to form phenomenological microcosms which dwell on the complex and ambiguous nature of existence. Somber yet luminous, Xie’s use of colour in his fluid, textured touch imbues a sense of ethereality in tensioned compositions of a world in-between: sleep and death, torment and eroticism, between that which is tolerated, forbidden, left unspoken or ultimately transgressed. Like an endless dawn, to view his work is to transcend a threshold and submerge into uncertain and ambiguous realms, where time is gifted alternative painterly perception. In a salutary manner, Xie Lei enchants a slowing of the spectator’s gaze and offers an elusion from the intoxicating world of immediacy and constant acceleration.

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  • Eighteen Painters
    Group show featuring Xie Lei

    Jun 21st – Aug 9th, 2024
    Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York

  • X Collection 202: Portrait of a Man
    Group show featuring Xie Lei

    Jun 29th – Oct 20th, 2024
    X Museum, Beijing

  • Second Nature
    Group show featuring Xie Lei

    Aug 31st – Oct 5th, 2024
    Semiose, Paris

  • Absences, mues et macules
    Group show featuring Xie Lei

    Sep 6th – Oct 26th, 2024
    L'Atlas galerie des mondes, Paris

  • Xie Lei

    Sep 14th, 2024
    Château La Cost, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

  • Sur tes lèvres
    Group show featuring Xie Lei

    Oct 26th, 2024 – Jan 12th, 2025
    Lieu Unique and FRAC des pays de la Loire, Nantes

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