João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva

BoCA - Biennial of Contemporary Arts

Mar 29th—Apr 3rd, 2017
Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Subpalco, Lisbon


Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Subpalco

BoCA is a biennial of new and original creations and special events

whose first edition will take place simultaneously in Lisbon and Porto,
from 17 march until 30 april 2017. Born with the desire to contribute to
a reflection about contemporary sociocultural environment, as well as
from its vocation to support the artistic construction processes of
today and the future.

The Biennale's mission is to promote contemporary art, with particular
attention on transversal proposals, through 4 lines of action:
production, programming, diffusion and artistic training.

A special part of it's mission is to stimulate contemporary creation,
always from a transdisciplinar perspective, of hybridization, with the
aim to surpass boundaries between the artistic territories and where the
following forms of artistic expression are considered: visual arts,
performance art, performing arts and music. One of it's first purposes
is to establish an unprecedented synergy between museums, theaters,
galleries and public spaces in the cities of Lisbon and Porto.

Commissioning national and international artists to create original
works, it will born original creations that reflect about the
contemporary art practices and processes.

BoCA brings together as a partner some of the most prestigious art
institutions from Portugal: in Lisbon (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,
National Museum of Ancient Art, Chiado National Museum of Contemporary
Art, MAAT, ZDB Gallery, National Theatre D. Maria II, National Theatre
São Carlos, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Trindade Theatre, Politécnica
Theatre and the nightclub Lux) and Oporto (Teatro Municipal do Porto -
Rivoli, Serralves Foundation, National Theatre São João, mala voadora
Porto and the nightclub Passos Manuel).

The Biennale also works with international co-commissioners partners
aimed to co-produce and present national and international artist's

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For further information please contact Hanne Tonger-Erk via e-mail or call +492113014360.

  • Monday—Friday
    10.00 am—6.30 pm
  • Saturday
    12.00 pm—2.30 pm